Mars City Design Challenge 2017 Semi-Finalists

Out of the 135 registrations who submitted to Mars City Design Challenge 2017, 15 highly advanced designs from different categories have been selected to further compete at the semi-finals on an International stage!
Here are the list of the teams, in alphabetic order by name of the project.

Around Mars in 80 days by Zoé Ghiron & Team, École Polytechnique

Ætheras (Pure Air) by Tarek Ben Slimane & Team, École Polytechnique

Cooperative Robot Flock by  Chase Thurmond & The ENVI team, Coleman University

Exosphere by Bazzi Wael & Team

Helios by Ewen Dantec & Team, École Polytechnique

Marscapes/Earthscapes/mind(es)capes by Romarie Gonzales & Arturo Hernández

Nomadicizer by Asal Shokati & Reza Eslami

Project Fuller by Clara Lee, CMU

PTV by Adrian Pelkus

Color Wheel City by Diane Turnshek, Dean Mougianis & Matt Finlay, CMU

Red Wood Forest by Valentina Sumini and Sam Wald & Team, MIT

Smart Waste Management/Transportation System by PRatian

Swarm by Dean Little, Ares Astronautic

Telepathy 2.o by Amina Jambo, USC

Tree of Life by Samel El Sayary & Team

CONGRATULATIONS to the competing teams!

We would like to also thank:

Mars City Ambassadors for your dedication and hard work: Louise Fleischer, Florence Duveiller, Britt Duffy Adkins, Nicholas McKay, Daniel John Fitzgerald, Ava Iranmanesh, Alexandre Cadain, Bill Janczewski, Lauren Apsokardu, Andrew & Gabriela Lindberg.

Mars City Jury team and Advisors: Col. Buzz Aldrin, Artemis Westenberg, J.R. Skok, P.P. Mathew, Col. Pete Worden, James K. Erickson, Steven Madge, Slade Gardner, Madhu Thangavelu, André Doumitt, Roy Nakagawa, Martha Hess, Frank Miuccio, Jay Dickson, Jeremy & Rachelle Ornan Stone, Joel Freedman, Fernando Carballal…

Mars City Sponsors and Collaborators: Dassault Systems, JPL NASA, Caltech, ESA, Aerospace Corporation, RRS, USC, MIT, Spaceport LA, Hantheon, Catapult Satellite, Bluegill Solar, Credit Line Capital, Digital Hollywood…

More detailed information and a teaser of each project will premiere at:

The Mars City Fundraising Dinner

May 25th, 2017

with Digital Hollywood at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.

Early RSVP for our Martian Dinner here >

Stay tuned.


Dream to Launch Your Own Rocket?

Reaction Research Society (RRS) has extended the collaboration with Mars City Design and offered a rocket, dedicated for Mars City Design! We are launching this Alpha rocket in May 2017, in Mojave, the site where Mars City Design aims to build and 3D print the prototypes of the winning architecture projects from the design competition in 2016.

Please RSVP to for attending this exciting event.

30$ for guests.

FREE for VIP Access, exclusively for Mars Citizen (Mars City Design members).


For Sponsorship: Put your logo on this rocket. Please contact

There will be more epic events coming up, stay tuned!

Mars – Los Angeles

DEC 1st 2016, at 6PM- 9:30PM at Cross Campus Downtown LA, 800 Wilshire Bvd #200, Los Angeles.

Don’t miss it, get your TICKET HERE>>>

Register under Spaceport LA ticket with discount code: SPACEPORTLAMEMBER.

Dec 3rd, 2016 Exhibition at Dolby Theater, Hollywood.

More Info HERE

Mars -LA

Limited Access.


Mars – Los Angeles is a pre TEDx LA talk that will be hosted by Mars City Design Ambassador Alexandre Cadain, New Worlds’ organizer Mathieu Goudot, and Spaceport LA team, inviting Mars City President & Founder Vera Mulyani and her collaborators Thomas Séries from Séries & Séries, Master of Jedi: Loretta Whitesides, and Framestore.


The Experience Sessions with:
Mars City Design Workshop (See below)
– Framestore VR Workshop
– Jedi Training Workshop
Exhibition, presentation

Intro “What if LA moved to Mars”
by Alexandre Cadain, Founder XTOPIA, head “LA, Mars” mission

Gravity, The Martian, Mars, the studio behind our space and martian imagination
by James Razzall, Managing Director at Framestore

Los Angeles Jedi training
by Loretta Hidalgo Whitesides, Co-creator of Yuri’s Night, The World Space Party and lead Jedi Training at Virgin Galactic
+ Q&A

Mars City Design projects

by Vera Mulyani, by Thomas Sériès

Lava tubes and Water
by Vera Mulyani and Dr. J.R. Skok.

Challenges on Mars found in Los Angeles
Water issue and imagined solution
by Vera Mulyani
+ Q&A

Cocktail & Appetizer

Mars City Design Workshop
for pre TEDx LA (6-7PM Dec 1st 2016, preceding the talk)
Led by Vera Mulyani, Bill Janczewski and Gabriela Lindberg.
In the occasion of Pre TEDx LA where Mars City Design questions and attempts to apply the vision of a sustainable city on Mars to Los Angeles, we would like to invite you to join our think-tank on the question of water and activities in Los Angeles.
Become the explorer in time, uniting the future and past to the present through creating a fresh story together; Using photography, documenting the memory of the future of Los Angles-Mars.
Take 5 photos. Pick one subject below:
(If selfie: using strictly the same pose, on different background, selfie stick recommended). You have choices of subjects:
1. Showing Los Angeles landscape that remind you to Mars
2. Find Water source in LA
It can be banal / macro water sources like ocean or rain or river but please make it your unique point of view.
It can also be rare / micro water sources like underneath the leaves, inside a fresh coconut, your glass of water, your neighbor’s tears…
3. Drought in LA
This can be the opposite of #2 and can be for #1
Find a place where it used to have water but it is dry now,
or find a place where it is dry today but if a disaster comes then we may have water there…
The Workshop starts at 5PM-6PM Dec 1st at El Camp, El Segundo
6PM-7PM exhibiting your photo, but we recommend that you experience Los Angeles the way you may want to explore Mars by collecting this treasure (of pictures) that will help us put a story together with you.
Dedicate a day for you to travel inside Los Angles with this focus in mind and hunt for those landscapes!
Please make sure you have a Hi-RES photo quality and it should be photos owned by you.
The selected photos will be exhibited at our TEDx LA and international/global social media of Mars City Design.

On Dec 3rd, 2016, at Dolby Theater in Holywood, Mars City Design will exhibit the works of Mars City Design Winners 2016, Virtual Reality Experience in collaboration with USC Journalism School.

More information: HERE



Mars City Design at TEDx Los Angeles, Dec 2016

“Love you to Mars and back” -vm

By Mars City Design Team with Séries & Séries, For TEDx LA

Image by Thomas Séries and Séries.
Image by Thomas Séries and Séries. A vision of Mars City Research Center in Mojave.

The ‘Marsshot’ with Mars City Design

A ‘Moonshot’ is a commonly used phrase nowadays, but in the world of Mars City Design, we call it a Marsshot…and we’re not talking about martian tequila.

Mars City Design started as an international competition to design the first cities on Mars. The success of a crowdfunding campaign resulted in a 10 day in-person workshop, MCD PowerLab, held at The University of Southern California (USC). 

Our Mars Architects, or Marschitects as we like to call them, focused on developing sustainable cities on Mars using designs & technologies that would mutually benefit life on Earth.

The ‘Marsshot’ is a mission, not just to design and develop human-friendly habitats on Mars based on solely on the measure of sustainability, but to create environments where humans can truly 

live and love on Mars. 

In Venice beach we talk about artists being some of the first people living on Mars. From Martian poems to the Red planet perfume, from Martian tea to Victoria Crater Pinot Noir, imagine the creative drive we can pass on to future generations, bringing the spirit of carpe diem into the future. The beauty of infinite possibility of art in life at this level is beyond basic entrepreneurship, it requires true visionaries.

After decades of urban practice and in search of harmonizing technology with aesthetics and environmentally responsible ways of living, Mars City Design has begun the process of building a prototype of a 3D printed “Mars City Center,” in Mojave Desert. The project will experiment with the sustainability, beauty and green aspects of the selected winning concepts of the Mars City Design 2016 Competition.

Sometimes to take a leap, we actually need to take a step back, enlarging our frame of vision and see the whole tree before adding more leaves….the leap to Mars will require just that. Mars City Design has stepped back to Mars to take in a full view of life on Earth, in order to build a life on Mars, and with Los Angeles as Mars City Design’s birthplace, L.A. has become the launching pad for the very first Marsshot! Chin chin!

The Winners of Mars City Design Competition 2016

Photo credit: David W Chan and Ron Sparkman



Best Mars City Design 2016 

for Structure Category

by Alain Robert 

and United Atelier team:

Liu Le Kang & Xie Xin Cong   



Favorite Mars City Design 2016 

for Structure Category 

by Reza Eslami and Asal Shokati



Best Mars City Design 2016 

for Agriculture Category

by Jeff & Melissa Pernell 

and team of Galactic Farms



Best Mars City Design 2016 

for Infrastructure Category 

by Karan Gandhi



Favorite Mars City Design 2016 

for Infrastructure Category 

by Ava Iranmanesh & MIT Team



Best Mars City Design 2016 

for Architecture Category 

by Matthew Jennings



Favorite Mars City Design 2016 

for Architecture Category

by Eugene Jahng 

& Prof. Christina Ciardullo of CMU


‘Local Positioning System (LPS)’

Best Mars City Design 2016

for Innovation Category

by Dean Little and team (Piyush Patil)



Best Mars City Design 2016

for Human Health Category 

By Adrian Pelkus


‘Mars Terraforming Platform (MTP)’

Best Mars City Design 2016 

for Human Environment Category 

by Dean Little and team (Pablo Fregenal Sotelo)


Award Recipients of the 2016 Mars City Design Competition and the Launch of 2017

Los Angeles, CA: Students and professionals from around the globe competed in the 2016 Mars City Design Competition and the winners were announced at the Gala on Thursday September 29, 2016.

The evening featured the winning designs and innovations for sustainable cities on Mars, through an exhibition of the projects via; panels, videos, architectural poems, urban design 3D models, engineering drawings and mathematics along with fiction stories of Mars.

The Gala proved to be a fanciful conclusion to the yearlong project. Among the many entrants in the international contest, twenty teams were selected as finalists to participate in this year’s Mars City Design Gala Award Ceremony 2016.

Spending a dedicated two week period, September 15 through 29, 2016, at the University of Southern California (USC), the finalists were exposed to the latest breakthroughs and research being done to advance the Martian cause, allowing them to evolve their projects based on this new information for their final presentation.

The Gala celebrated a year, more for some, of hard work and acknowledged the winners in style. That style specified on the invitation as a ‘Martian Cocktail.’ The Gala was held at Wallis Annenberg Hall, School of Journalism at USC. The IT team was directed by Frank Miuccio (IT Director) and the exhibition was produced by a design team from Catapult Satellite of London, Joel Freedman and Fernando Carballal. The soirée started with the design panels exhibition, showing the updated work; technical, business and artistic highlights of the 20 projects.

The Mars City Design team transformed the Journalism basement classroom into a high-end art gallery; The quiet dark room was successfully crowded by 88 people, ambulating each level of the amphitheater, creating a Martian mood with red ambient light projected onto the ceiling.

A hint of Martian fragrance, a concept that was born in Silicon Valley when the two, Heather d’Angelo from CARTA and Vera Mulyani had lunch and talked about the Martian regolith inspired “First Fragrance Made for Life on Mars”. The perfume will be available to the public in 2017 in the Mars City Design online Store.

While some are fully absorbed by the Mars City Virtual Reality (VR) installation, lead by Neil McHenry, where we could virtually visit the buildings and experience the city with the NASA VR converted Martian landscape, audiences tasted Mars themed appetizers created by one of the artists of Mars City Design Team, Evin Wald; from Chocolate MeteorBites and Red Planet CraterCakes to Regolith Crudites, H2O “Imported from Earth” and Sparking Martian Cider.

The audience was then led to the main Auditorium where the Gala began with Jeff Demain, CEO of Hantheon, welcoming Vera Mulyani, the Founder & CEO of Mars City Design and the President of Mars City Foundation, “the Marschitect.”

The Gala included Special guest speaker Jim Erickson from JPL NASA, followed by a viewing of videos documenting the journey of the Mars City Design Competition and Workshop.

Closing out the night we had the one-and-only, Buzz Aldrin grace the stage to share his vision of the Martian Colony.

From here some designs will continue on their path toward creating prototypes and some will be hosted in Mojave Desert.

Through the Competition & Workshop many contestants benefited from exposure to the private sector and continue to inspire the grander public; Karan Gandhi from Manchester UK earned his scholarship through his design ‘Neurosynthesis’ and was invited to speak in front of a young audience at the Architecture College in Indore.

Dean Little, one of the winner of Mars City Design 2016 and innovator of ‘Mars Clock’, ‘LPS’ and ‘MTP’, from Australia can now share his experience, to inspire and encourage the creation of a Space Agency in Australia, someone who is passionate and talented now has the opportunity to contribute to the Mars mission.

Mars City Design Competition 2017 is officially OPEN for registration, welcoming all of you to create your second home on Mars. For details on the MCD 2017 competition please visit:



Our Kickstarter: A Success!


After the hard work, the sweat, the desperation, faith had revived the grit to win, Mars City Design crowdfunding campaign was successfully funded via Kickstarter with 123 backers pledging $30,382!

The campaign went for 30 days and ended on 08/11/2016. The Mars City Design team congratulates all contestants who will participate in the Workshop and thank all the backers for their full support and unforgettable last minute performance! “Like a Rocket trajectory!”

 Here is our story, please visit the UPDATE pages: “City on Mars: A Mars City Design Workshop”

“Workshop of world renowned leaders in space exploration. Be part of the effort to build the first city on Mars!”

Our Power Lab science retreat will be held on September 15-29, 2016 at the University of Southern California.

CALL for REGISTRATIONS (This includes volunteers who are willing to help Mars City Foundation coordinating team). Visit MARS CITY POWER LAB 2016

We are also looking for SPONSORS: who will benefit some exposure on our Mars City Innovations documentary show project.

For sponsorship: E-mail us for more info HERE.

Others who are interested in being part of this and are willing to contribute financially to the non-profit foundation: We still offer the KICKSTARTER Reward list, you can donate directly HERE and let us know your rewards. E-mail us HERE.

Where do you think iPad design came from?

Re: Space Odyssey 1968
Re: Space Odyssey 1968

Futurist thinking, imagination and design ideas often help catalyze today’s progress. The idea of designing a future home in Space or on other Planets may seem unreal or rather useless at first. The logical mind does its job to filter and make choices based on the economy of effort, avoiding the unnecessary, and focusing effort on that which is more tangible and urgent.

However, as we can see, new ideas and tools are invented every day.  From the Iphone to a microwave, from an anti-mosquito, or anti-malaria derived tennis racket, to a 3D printed kidney – and soon, instant delivery drones and an air-to-water converter. See some more proof HERE.

Whose mind will lead to making our life easier next?

Virtual Reality goggle vs Star Trek headset

CATAPULT and Mars City Design LLC

CATAPULT and Mars City Design LLC

June 17, 2016



Today, the design team from Catapult joined forces with Mars City Design to support our innovation platform, in a mission to propel the creative minds in designing a city for MARS.

Satellite Applications Catapult Ltd is an independent innovation and technology company, created by Innovate UK to drive economic growth through the exploitation of space.

Its vision – ‘to innovate for a better world, empowered by satellites’ – will be achieved by helping businesses of all sizes to realise their potential from space infrastructure and applications.

This is part of its objective of helping grow the UK space industry and capture 10% of the global space market by 2030.

The Catapult works with the UK industrial and academic communities, by being a focal point where small and medium enterprises, large industry and end users can work together with researchers to challenge barriers, explore and develop new ideas, and bring these to commercial reality.